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Professional & Technology

Ae Insurance Brokers will provide you with a clear and tailored insurance solution to protect your business from a breach of contract and identify contractual liabilities which could leave your organisation exposed in the event of a serious claim.  Our approach helps you to protect your insurable assets whilst anticipating emerging trends and future threats.

What Professional & Technology offers:

You will benefit from our knowledge and experience because we understand your expectations in terms of coverage, documentation and pricing options.

In the ever-changing world of technology, your products and services can move from an initial concept to your customer in a short period of time.

Therefore innovative and reliable insurance solutions are vital and you will have the benefit of working alongside a risk advisor and Broker who understands your business.

We can support you with a variety of solutions arising out of the following risks:

  • Cyber Risks & Data Loss
  • Contractual Liabilities
  • Environmental Liabilities
  • Executive Liability
  • Crime Protection
  • Professional Indemnity